Swim coaches on every level normally share one common quality: They are eager to learn from each other. At competitions you always see them chatting about the latest trends in training or about how they are dealing with certain challenges all for the purpose of bettering their athletes. Unfortunately the swimming world spins a bit slower these days due to the Corona Virus and lockdowns in various countries. Competitions are on hold and coaches have less opportunities to share their wisdom. But in the digital age, swim coaches can get together without beeing in the same room.

That's what "Golden Coaches" is aiming for: A global exchange of knowledge made possible by a simple WhatsApp chat group. Within less than two months almost 40 swim coaches from all over the world joined the Golden Coaches Whatsapp group already. "I was suprised about the positive feedback and how fast the group is growing", says Oliver Großmann, who had the idea to bring coaches together during difficult times.

The German is a swim coach himself, working with high level athletes like the multiple European Championships medalist Jenny Mensing in his home town Wiesbaden. Oliver is one of these poeple where it seems they rather breath chlorine than oxygen, so the forced break due to COVID-19 wasn't just hard on his athletes but also on himself. He decided to reach out to some of his coaching colleagues, to see how they are dealing with the situation. "Golden Coaches" was born and within days some high level swimming experts from all over the world joined, not just to talk about Corona related topics but also to share their knowledge with other.

"I think the best part 
of being a swimming coach 
is the people in our sport.

"I love learning about furthering my craft as a coach and teacher but more important I think the best part of being a swimming coach is the people in our sport", says the esteemed US-American coach David Marsh, who is also part of the group. "Swimming is the truest of global sports so the chance to collaborate, encourage, and be inspired by coaches from Germany and around the world is all positive!"

"Knowledge increases by sharing,
not saving it.

The group is getting more and more international by the day. Coaching professionals from Australia, Brasil, Turkey, New Zealand, Namibia, the Philippines and from all over Europe already joined. "Knowledge increases by sharing, not saving it, and for me it's an honor and a pleasure to be able to exchange some knowledge with such outstanding international coaches", states Dellano Silva, who is coaching at the famous Energy Standard International Swimming Club. "I believe that at some point something said on the group that seems small could make a huge impact in my program, and I hope to be able to do the same to anyone's there."

As in every field also in swimming difficult times create new ways to keep moving forward and closer together. Athletes might be opponents in the pool but they all share the common goal to conquer this strange element "water" in the best possible way guided by their coaches on deck, who are once again leading by example and showing: You can always find a way to learn.

If you are interested in taking part in the "Golden Coaches" conversations, you can contact Oliver Großmann via E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.