Swim coaches are always looking for ways to make their athletes better by studying videos of the best swimmers in the world, reading books by star coaches and trying to improve their knowledge about swimming in every direction. Sometimes the way to grow as a coach is right infront of their eyes.

The sport of swimming is becoming more competitive but also more diverse on an international level. The number of nations which were able to send swimmers into finals at World Championships and Olympic Games has been growing constantly over the past 20 years. Now one more player is trying to take on a bigger role in the game. But their eye is not set on short term goals.

Swim coaches on every level normally share one common quality: They are eager to learn from each other. At competitions you always see them chatting about the latest trends in training or about how they are dealing with certain challenges all for the purpose of bettering their athletes. Unfortunately the swimming world spins a bit slower these days due to the Corona Virus and lockdowns in various countries. Competitions are on hold and coaches have less opportunities to share their wisdom. But in the digital age, swim coaches can get together without beeing in the same room.

Leaving his teenage years behind, US sprint phenomenon Michael Andrew is setting some ambitious goals for the next chapters of his swimming career. As a junior athlete Andrew collected records and medals like eggs at Easter. But now the 20-year-old swimmer has to step up his game to set his mark on the “big” stage. In Gwangju, South Korea, Andrew will face some tough races at his first World Championships in the Olympic long course pool.

It’s a swimmers most important tool, an achievement and approval at the same time: The swimmer´s body. But just as for the development of a swimmer’s performance there is no perfect blue print for what their body should look like.

The Brazilian Coach Arilson Silva is one of the globetrotters of the international swimming circus. He worked with top-athletes in many countries. Among them are well-known names such as the Olympic champion Cesar Cielo and World Championships medalist Bruno Fratus. Arilson is always on tour, sharing his knowledge with other coaches and gathering inspiration for his work on the pool deck. It immediately becomes clear in our conversation: The coach is eager to share his knowledge, also with us and you.